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Ph.D. Program

  • Ph.D. Program


(1)  Academic Training

Based on the core principles of interdisciplinary and regional studies, our curricula integrate theories with practices to foster students’ research capabilities in investigating, analyzing and explaining social and international phenomenon.


(2) Knowledge Advancement

Elevate the depth and breadth of student learning through course design and research agenda setting. The selection of teaching materials are kept in pace with the latest international trends and issues to ensure students’ perspective and visions are continuously up to date.


(3) Critical Enquiries

Through participation in classroom interactions, academic speeches, seminars, forums and international symposiums, students can increase their experiences in participating academic activities and develop skills and abilities in critical enquiries, analysis, explanation and problem-solving.


(4) Expanded Vision

Actively promote internationalization through offering various courses in English, recruiting international Ph.D. and Masters students, as well as applying Western teaching-models to create a classroom environment conducive to lively interactions and discussions. We also create a friendly environment where local and international student can interact and communicate frequently and enhance mutual learning.


(5) Social Awareness

We put an emphasis on help building and promoting a strong and vibrant civil society. With funding from public and private sectors, we regularly cooperate with government offices, social organizations, and corporations to hold activities related to discovering and improving civil and societal issues. We aim to cultivate social awareness in our students and to shoulder social responsibilities as an academic institution.


(6)Academic Excellence

Train and refine our Ph.D. students’ academic profession research capacity and enhance their competiveness in working, teaching or researching in the future.